Do things, give things, get things ... together build community.

Soltanes is a complementary currency generated by people’s contributions to community building projects.


Soltanes is built on the truth that everyone has a need that anyone can meet.

“The well-being of a community working together will be greater, the less the individual claims the proceeds of their work for themself, i.e. the more of these proceeds the individual hands over to others, the more their own needs are satisfied, not out of their own work but out of the work done by others.”


Building Inclusive Community with Complementary Currency

Together we will develop an intentional economic community around a new complementary community currency.  The currency “Soltanes”, named after a place of nurturing and growth in a medieval legend called Parzival, is a “complementary currency” because it is not intended to replace existing currencies - just be a tool to help people work together in community.

Soltanes are generated by people contributing to a community project. People can give things and do things and they can get Soltanes.  People can then give Soltanes and get other things.  See the Contribute page for examples of how you can get Soltanes for contributing to projects - also see below for how to set up your Waves wallet and receive your free start up Soltanes.

If you have more Soltanes than you need you can easily give them away to friends or donate them to non-profit basic need agencies or other supports providers to community residents in particular need (see Wallets)

It is hoped that the value generated by Soltanes will be widely accepted.  This would depend on people at first wanting to get things and give things using the currency but once this happens it could take on a life of its own - if enough people want to build community through this means of exchange.  See current projects that accept Soltanes in the Projects page. is not responsible for any activities of any person or projects using Soltanes. Soltanes is a community building tool, community members are free to do whatever they choose with Soltanes at their own discretion.

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