Get Started with Soltanes - Download the Waves App

Soltanes is a token built on the Waves Platform. To learn more about Waves go to the Waves website or look at these videos.

To start using Soltanes you will need to download the Waves app either on your phone or computer.

  1. You will be asked to create a wallet and write down (or take a photo of) your seed phrase (like a long password).

  2. Then send by email to your "wallet address". The Soltanes wallet address looks like this: 3PEHageEPt7hEQdtTVXYTw3jXHjNmWiW9vp.

  3. Soltanes will then send you two things. First Soltanes will send you 3 Soltanes. (Soltanes will only send this to new users of the platform). Second 1000 "Solchats" which is a free token to send messages to each other with.

  4. It costs 0.01 Soltanes to send transactions (including Solchats). REMEMBER you will have to choose at the bottom of the screen to use Soltanes to pay the transaction fee.

  5. You should then send to the Soltanes wallet address above (or to all lower case: soltanes) as many Soltanes you want to.  If you can please write your name in the message field at the bottom.

  6. If you send a request to to make an official nickname (or“alias”) you will be sent .002 “Waves” (the platform token) to pay for the creation of your nickname.

Good luck!


  • Currency issued: 2018-11-15 22:15:37

  • Total Supply 3,000,000 Soltanes (SOL)

  • Current circulating Supply 1,579 (approx.: USD4,737)

  • Soltanes is governed by the Soltanes Economic Council (SEC)

  • The SEC will control a soltanes multi-sig wallet with the different signature parties decided from time to time by all holders of the Soltanes token on a one Soltanes one vote basis.